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Mon, Jul. 11th, 2011, 03:03 pm
The boys are back in town


Thu, Jan. 22nd, 2009, 10:40 am
Thanks for the heads up Fng

Good thing I haven't really been playing lately. Could this be why the blag hasn't been updated!? Possibly!

While I'm here, I might as well explain the situation. I was already losing interest (again) in FFXI sometime in November but was one of the only RDMs in my LS so I felt obligated to log in for salvage and the occasional limbus/misc. junk. Luckily, SE patched the salvage exploit which made people temporarily less interested in it. About this same time, Map finished leveling his RDM to 75, so he's basically succeeded me in that regard.

tl;dr - This isn't a "IM DORPIN ALL MY GEARZ AND QUITTIN 4EVAR" post, this is a "lol u temp b& a very inactive account, whatevs" and "perma-banning would probably just save me $15 a month"

And now, your moment of Zen

UPDATE: At about 1 PM CST, 1/23/2009, Bagel's Linkshell Community Profile went grey, we can assume the account is gone for good. R.I.P Bagel 7/04 - 1/09

Fri, Oct. 10th, 2008, 04:33 pm





Well now that that's out of the way, where to start? BoV has gradually turned from me sitting all alone in a shell while leveling DRK to a social shell of old farts to a bunch of old farts actually doing a surprising number of events. Before I get too far ahead of myself however, I want to congratulate Virothix for being the first (and still only) BoV applicant to complete the admission quest!

To be honest, I wasn't sure if we were actually going to let anyone in who completed this stupid quest, but we were really hurting for TH so we thought we'd give him a shot. Viro's not as well geared as some of us, but he's been doing really well and we hope to pimp him out soon.


Valacar and I completed on the same day what I think are the only two fully-BoV obtained salvage pieces, Morrigan's Robe and Usukane Sune-ate.

I've been going RDM to a majority of our events, so I'm sure everyone's happy about any upgrades I get for that job. Everyone except for...

It's not my fault 1mp/tic costs so much :(


Dynamis was one of my least favorite events from my "real" HNM shell days, so I wasn't too thrilled about doing it at first. Our shell is very melee heavy, but a lot of us have mage jobs we never use and our in various stages of gear, so when we decided to gimp manaburn it, that made it seem at least a little more appealing.


hoorj @ double drop even if BLU went to Syrus (who has Morrigan Robe and doesn't need it) and THF went to me (whose THF is 51).

More importantly, the fact that I'm one of the only RDM regulars in the shell can come in handy at time.

So now my painfully NQ RDM has two of the more impressive/important body pieces for the job.


When not using tags for Salvage points, we've been slowly climbing a few people (myself included) up to floor 100.


Biggest waste of two legit appraisals or biggestest waste?


I fail hard at op missions

Curo just fails in general

Level sync exp with me on naked BRD (no idea why)

Sleepy Bagel fighting Proto-Omega (send me a /tell btw if you're on Titan and want to buy Homam gear)


wamoura, crazy, etc (I should've taken a screenshot of my new hideous piss boots but oh well)

Is that it? I guess so. Ok bye.

Sat, Sep. 6th, 2008, 07:20 pm
Khroma orz

Well I hate to admit it, but last month's BoV update was slightly less than truthful. We didn't actually kill Pandemonium Warden. In fact, in most of those screenshots, I'm the only one wearing a BoV. However, our numbers have recently begun to snowball! Let's look at one of the most popular BoV events, sitting afk in whitegate. We've gone from this:

to this!

Right now it's basically a shell of veteran players/friends of mine, most of whom have taken time off from the game and come back unwillingly to get back into the HNM grind. I'm pretty happy with where it is as a shell right now, we can do Nyzul/Salvage just fine (with the occasional dual box or snipe of someone from another shell) and probably most of the ZNMs (I need Aurum Sabatons). Not only is there close to zero desire to do stuff like Dynamis/Ground, but there's no annoying noobs that tend to crop up in any large, "real" HNM LS. Surprisingly, quite a few random people have expressed interest in joining our elite team. Stage 1 of the application process is proving your worth by showing up wearing the following gear:
Stage 2 will be decided on once someone actually gets Unut to pop/drop. I guess I can't blame people for wanting to apply when we get badass drops like this:

and this:

Well that one didn't actually drop anything. I was running to take pictures of rams for zeni when I saw a group of people staring at Megalobugard. I guess they were waiting for someone to change to TH2+ to tag it, but I was going to have none of that foolishness. I guess Frobent still has a ways to go until he's used to the cut-throat world of Titan HNM.

I know I'm no rykoshet, but I want to talk some about DRK anyways.

Job Abilites/Spells -
A lot of noobsother players I've partied with seem to cling to the idea that Souleater should be stacked with WS only. To me, this seems good for a few good reasons:

1) Doing the last 15-25% of the mob's health VERY quickly
2) Using it when closing a skillchain to add extra damage to be mirrored by the SC effect (but who SCs anyways)

and a few not so good reasons:

1) Getting yourself fucking killed
3) Getting yourself fucking killed.

Personally, due to the amount of enmity generated by simply using SE, as well as the crazy damage you do with it on, I prefer to use it when the mob is at 15-30% (depending on the party's usual kill speed). I can probably survive tanking for a few seconds, and once it's dead obviously the enmity I've built up doesn't matter. I then keep it on for hopefully a few swings on the next mob for good damage, then click SE off for hate control. I'm equally as pussy about Last Resort, usually using it on the pull so I'm not on the mob's hate list and enjoying my 30 seconds of delicious +15% attack. The DRK spells are lots of fun, and obviously help me remember that I'm not leveling WAR to 75 all over again, but sometimes they're just not worth casting. Colibri were a pain obviously, and trying to cast dark elemental spells on Imps when you're level 66 is just silly.

Call me silly, but I fucking love Viking Axes. I was generally subbing ninja anyways through the 40s and 50s (/WAR I'd have to hold damage back or die, /SAM doesn't add a whole lot and is aggravating to cast spells with, /DRG gtfo) and with axe merits I had better accuracy than with two handers and the dual wield delay reduction seemed to make up for the lower attack. Obviously they became an even more of a better choice from 55-59 when I had Rampage but no Guillotine. Since I never went to Mt. Z Crawlars, basically all of 60+ was on shit I didn't really want to cast on so I went /SAM most of the time. Trying to Third Eye pecking flurry is a nice challenge to keep me paying attention to the computer and even though I was pulling tons of hate, I never had a party that had MP problems and I had very few/no deaths.

However, after 12 levels of Dark Knight, I decided to do what I eventually do every time I level a job, temporarily retire it and take something else up instead.

Is that not the most adorable THF you've ever seen? Currently 48, I had been using it on occasion to farm Royal Jelly (95.2 Cooking), not because I think that TH2 increases my drops/hour more than farming as WAR/THF would, but because I love killing two birds with one stone (leveling/farming at same time) even if it means that the birds are like... burdened with Downs syndrome... or something... fuck this metaphor. Anyways, I'm leveling THF! For now...

I "soloed" my THF subligar in Aqueducts 40NIN/17DNC. A group of JPs were camping Eba (why I can't imagine) and their WHM, Deo, hasted me and tossed me a few clutch cures. It's a very doable solo however if you have Hojo: Ichi etc. instead of just Kurayami and actual 40 cap gear instead of Beetle armor poached from my DNC. The THF Fomors share spawn point with RNG, so bad pops can get annoying, luckily I killed one RNG, then THF popped and dropped his panties. hoorj



Now for on a more serious note; I've never been gung ho big into salvage. I've been doing it more with the BoV crew now however, but I still have no completed pieces. We did Arrapago last night to try and complete Syrus's Marduk body with the 25 piece. Noone except me really needed the QQ drops, so of course we got one of each.

Now I have almost enough money to buy one of them right away (though it probably means selling PCC, sorry THF) but there are a few problems. Morrigan's robe would obviously be very nice for my BLM and RDM, especially since I have Duelist's Chapeau, but I feel like my gear on these jobs will make others cry (INT/MND +4 rings, Errant Slops, Rainbow Cape, NQ staves, etc) and maybe there's some truth to the idea that you should take care of that stuff first. Truth be told, I've never put a whole lot of stock into XTREME MND builds on RDM and I only really use my BLM for solo, so that's why most of my AH gear is... lacking. Ares would be fun on WAR maybe? I also have 75 PLD (my first job) but I almost never play it. Of course there's the ever present nagging feeling that I should be working on Bravura, and upgrading one salvage body is already basically one tenth the cost of a relic you can never get back, not to mention the idea of upgrading two (one fifth, for the math challenged of you who probably still TP in STR gear). I don't have the 15s (or 25 for Ares) and I'm still a few mil short after random stuff sells so the decision doesn't have to be made yet, but when it does... God help us all...

Mon, Aug. 11th, 2008, 10:08 pm
Breakfast of Victory


It's been a GREAT month for BoV, with some of our most challenging fights ever, and some of our greatest drops yet!


First up, is everyone's favorite, Dynamis-Xarcabard. Just check out that beautiful scenery. Kudos SE, kudos.

We got help from an unexpected source when we went to pull Dynamis Lord, BATMAN!

He helped us make quick work of a fight that most shells spend up to 18 hours on.

We also did the oft-neglected Dynamis-Tavnazia and got INCREDIBLE drops!

GROUND KINGS (of Comedy)

Too soon! Too soon!


With more drops like this, and BoV will be well on its way to its first relic weapon.


With all the discussion of Pandemonium Playplace, we decided to assemble a crack team and head to Aydeewa Suburbia and see what the fuss was all about.

Boy were we surprised when the final form was [spoiler]a clawrar[/spoiler]

Lamps were kited away by our expert puller, Creamcheese.

Drops were even better than expected, not one, but TWO Robocop Helms!

Judging by the title, apparently Pandemonium Warden is a lady. Whoa oh oh she's a lady.

Be sure to stay tuned to BREAKFAST OF VICTORY, as next time we tackle some even BIGGER baddies!

Wed, Mar. 26th, 2008, 11:47 am
A Quick One, While He's Away

His blog's been gooooone...

Well guys, it's been a while since I've done a "real" update, but I'm at Nidhogg right now and we all know how that goes. I suppose first of all, thanks to all 808 of y'all who voted for me for BG admin and an even bigger thanks to those who didn't vote for Ruke. Hanging chads, etc. In the time that I haven't update, it seems like a lot has happened but I've been lazy with screenshots and it's hard to remember it all, but I'll see what I can think of

I see that last I posted, my BLM was 72. It's now 75 and I finally look exactly like about half the taru population.

I bet they don't use Shadow Mantle for their enfeebling spells though, the heathens. Luckily I haven't had to bring it to many LS events, especially lucky since I haven't really started to merit it. Instead, I'm using it more as a way to get a few merits for other jobs solo, burning my Emperor's bands in Mt. Z. I think the best thing is that calling someone fucking terrible at their job carries more weight if you actually have said job at 75.

I was leveling DRK for a while, have gotten it from 44 to 53 which is quite a few levels for me to take a job before losing interest. It's a fun job, and one that would be ridiculously easy for me to equip for 75, at least if you ignore K Club, but I'm not sure if it'd be all that different from my WAR that I already have. I would get to run 12% faster though, that's always fun.

What interrupted my DRK leveling spree was a sudden urge to consider Bravura. This is a more or less unobtainable goal, unless my LS foots the bill of course but WAR has been by far my favorite job and there are few substantial upgrades left for it. The chart puts things in realistic and all too depressing perspective.

Uhh feel free to server transfer and give me all your gil because you love me so much?

Well, JPs are holding Nidhogg with reinforcements on the way so I guess it's back to mining in Mt. Z for me. Maybe I'll get 10 khroma ore in a row and be... 3% closer... orz

Mon, Feb. 11th, 2008, 12:10 am
Re: http://xerlic.livejournal.com/17905.html

For those of you who are on other servers, this post will make little sense to you. Just a bit of background, there are 2 very successful NA linkshells on Titan: Karapoo and Botacy. Karasu and Legacy do not like each other. There was resentment from certain members from the onset of Legacy's creation between the 2 linkshells because Legacy was made from Relentless which broke off from Karasu. That resentment became open once Karasu found out that Legacy openly copies their Livejournal posts and encourages this activity. This post isn't intended as a means to expose Bagel's copypasta since it's not necessary. Everybody on Titan knows that he does this. This post is not an attack. Quite the contrary, it's more of a message from me to them. I stress from me since my views do not necessarily reflect Legacy as a whole. For those of you who do not know, I am a member of Legacy (PrettyPrincess). My name is Bagel, and I'm an alcoholic.

Once in a great while, there comes a time when someone writes a wall of text worthy of a half-serious reply from your's truly, called by some to be the Sultan of Sarcasm and the Lord of Lulz. (Also sexy Bagel the Pharaoh wizard). I disagree with some of Xerlic's comments, namely the Merona-related stuff and his opinion on Legacy not posting on public forums, but if I wanted meaningless back and forth posting I'd go to KI or BG.

The primary reason I'm making this response is because I really appreciate what Xerlic said about the LS's respective levels of skill. As he so eloquently put, "Not everyone in Karasu is awesome and not everyone in Legacy sucks." Brings a tear to my eye. I've been around the HNM scene for a while now, not as long as some of the greybeards who are still kicking around, but I think my experiences have given me a pretty good perspective on this whole matter of LS dick-measuring. There's just about always been two main LSes at any given time, as well as a cornucopia of shells that are smaller, less accomplished, or with just less je ne sais quois. I've gone turncoat twice now, crossing enemy lines and joining the rival LS. I'm not sure how many more times I'll be able to do it though, I think people are beginning to notice. Anyways, when I was younger and more naive to the "scene" I thought it odd how harshly my fellow JR members would criticize A/EoV while I usually tried to be, at least in my mind, more impartial, pointing out when we were guilty of the same noobishness and what-have-you that they were. When I left for EoV I thought this would be left behind, but lo and behold, they were just as immature about pointing fingers at "the other guys" on that side of the fence! When I left Karasu for Legacy, I was much older and wiser, a seasoned 23 year old, so I wasn't surprised when I found out that once again the former bad guys talked the same trash as in my old locale.

What I really want to say is that both shells are full of fucking mongoloids. I'm surprised most of the members of the "HNM elite" can pull their heads out of the asses long enough to find their keyboards. A quick survey of the Karasu and Legacy DKP member lists and I find that I consider about a fifth of each shell to be good players. That's right, I'd consider it an improvement if 80% of each shell uninstalled the game if not for the fact that it would leave each one with about 10-15 people. As for botting, I could fucking care less, especially with the way the game has progressed. I don't even like Salvage/Nyzul and don't usually do it, but come on. The only ground king items that have no real equivalent are Ridill, Black Belt (lolonehandedmeleeamrite) and D Ring (loldoesntdrop).

In closing, we're never going to bury the hatchet. This is a game largely based on competition. PvPvE if you will. Once again, this is my own personal opinion. I do not dislike most of the Karasu people, but I... wait yes I do. I dislike a lot of Legacy people too though. If any of you want to discuss anything that I have brought up, feel free to fuck off. I have numerous problems being civil.

Fri, Dec. 7th, 2007, 06:57 pm
Random Picture Day

With nothing of note having happened in the past week, I decided to open up my old screenshot folder and post some stuff from back in the day. Enjoy! (or don't)

I think this is my oldest screenshot from Bagel. I had two power-levelers and a third spectator and managed to die to a T Orc :(

Judging by the armor, this is another early, possibly pre-subjob picture. As you can see, I am once again dead. Fucking Jaggedy Jack.

As you can see, I'm alive for once. At this time I was a 60ish PLD and Map was a BLM in Vengeance, one of the early HNM shells on Titan. They tagged one of their first King Behemoths and decided to go out and watch/toss a few Cure IVs on their tanks. Technically my first encounter with the ground kings I'd grow to "love."

Aaaand I'm dead again.

Words can not express how happy I was to ding into AF head. I.M. Armet looks hideous on Taru.

One of my favorite screenshots. These are some of the people who I did essentially everything in game with, from leveling to AF to missions. I think a Quadav we randomly killed on the way to coffer mobs dropped that subligar and I just had to try it out while someone took an afk break.

Back when 40+ person Dynamis runs were the norm, we'd usually have 2 alliances of random DD/support/tanks and one ally of BLMs and a couple tanks for statues. On this run that ally was all taru, fuck yeah!

Map and I were on our way to do a BCNM and waiting on someone so we decided to camp Hoo Mjuu. I didn't expect him to actually pop, so when he appeared right in front of me, I jumped out of my chair and accidentally hit scroll lock instead of tagging him. I think that WHM got him :(

Finally, a shot showing that some things never change. Clovers LS wiping to something really stupid.

Fri, Nov. 30th, 2007, 05:48 pm
Dedicated to Aydeewa Subteranne: 60-72 never 4get

Seeing as how a majority of my FFXI time these past few weeks have been devoted to BLM, I figure I should update on my progress. However, if you're interested in reading about BLM, I highly recommend you just go visit Kaeko's LJ instead. I consider myself pretty well versed in how to play most jobs, even those I haven't leveled, but the BLM guides made me really think about the job differently. Seriously, if you haven't read it yet go now. GO!

As for my BLM, I hit 72 on Thursday, a very nice level for me as it meant no more low leveled gear that I was waiting to replace with stuff I already had from RDM. Here's two of my most common current gear sets, my idle set:

and nuking set:

The idle set is fairly by-the-book Kaeko, especially the Terra's Staff and Sorcerer's Earring. Obviously I don't have a l33t refresh body piece like Dalmatica or Morrigan's, but since there is no refresh head for BLM it's not a problem. (My RDM on the other hand...) I don't have an Umbra Cape nor do I plan on buying one since I'll ding into Shadow Mantle @75. You can argue the difference in dmg%- might be less, especially at night, but I prefer it, not only because I already have one, but because a hit for 0 will not interrupt casting while a hit for -50% dmg probably will. As with RDM, I idle in Ethereal Earring, a somewhat odd choice for backline mage jobs, but even with 350 HP stoneskin the occasional aoe gets through so I might as well take advantage of it and squeeze a few MP out. 15 HP certainly never hurt a Taru BLM either. Herald's Gaiters are the only real notable missing item I think.

My nuking set is much more mundane and in need of work. First and foremost, I need to do 4 more assaults for Yigit Crackows. I have no excuse for missing 2 INT and 2 MAB other than pure laziness and a general reluctance to forming parties I'm afraid. Weskit, A Hands, Merciful Cape and Prudence Torque are all waiting at 73 to help flesh this out, but I still feel very NQ. Would really like a Sorcerer's Ring and possibly a Jupiter's Staff before I feel comfortable, then I'll consider all the various minor 1 INT upgrades: Diamond to Snow Rings, Errant Slops to Mahatma and Rainbow to Prism Cape.

Before 72 I was exping mostly in Aydeewa Subteranne, to which this update is dedicated. I don't know what I could've done without such a BLM friendly zone. You could walk in there at 60 and not come out until 72 or even higher. Since leaving the friendly rats of Aydeewa, I've mainly been hanging out with the fishies in sea, working on obis. I was lucky enough to get Sorcerer's Tonban in Bastok last night so it seems only fitting that I get some matching obis to use. I think I was more excited however, about getting Bard's Cuffs, thus completing my Bard relic set and allowing me to store it. Couple days before that and I got more pimp gear for my otherwise NQ RDM.

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